There's cobwebs on her vagina

There's cobwebs on her vagina
the gynaecologist replies
removing his head from between her freckled thighs
her mother chokes on the air
It's from a society that shames women from enjoying sex
one that puts purity rings on their fingers
Promises them to the God
away from pleasure
pleasure is shameful
you hear?
God is the only one that loves you
what if the husband is a jack rabbit?
what if he lacks all there is to know about making a woman moan?
What if she dies not having her soul ripple
her body shake
fall apart
from the hands and tongue of a man
who has done his work
a lover of all things woman
God, what is he's gay?
What if he wishes to be making love to a man?
Heaven forbid her body is never touched with the tenderness
that we deserve from the moment we are born
It's from a society that throws half naked sexualized women in sunglasses commercials
making us hide our daughters eyes
While the men laugh smoking Cuban cigars making millions
off the easiest marketing idea invented
the female body is the greatest piece of art
Of course it sells
shame on us for giving it away
then playing the victims
The big bad media wolfs
forcing our hands to paper to sign
there are no victims here
women, are too blame.
It's from a society that shrieks at nipples
turns away
they're the same as mine
They're sexual!
put them away
I can feel the breeze on my sweltering chest in August
But you must cover yours
It's from a society that cuts off women's genitals
doesn't give them the right to vote
to work
to live
to love who they choose
covers them in clothes
no, not to hide them from the sun
marries them away at fourteen
to a twenty one year old called Jose
who drinks four bottles of whisky a day
who falls asleep drunk after they have sex each night
missionary sex
with no foreplay
while she speaks quietly into the night of wanting to be a lawyer
of how she would bring justice with all her might
He closes her legs
the mothers mouth is still dropped
"masturbation, 2 times a day--3 if needed"
his white coat wisps behind him as the door shuts
Oh mamma
the world we live in is changing.
© Janne Robinson