Current Career Openings

Current Career Openings

March 08, 2022

Who We Are 

Janne Robinson is a Renaissance Woman. Her work as an artist, facilitator, poet, director, author, coach, and speaker is to encourage people to become accessible to their truths. She believes that our world is sick - and the truth is our medicine. When we heal ourselves, we heal this world.

She wakes up every day to support and serve people committed to living their truth--personally, and professionally. Truth is the why behind anything she touches - she believes the keys to our healing and liberation lie in truth.

Janne Robinson. The truth of who we are belongs. 

Our shared values

If you read these values and say to yourself, ”that’s me,” after each one, then we will work very well together! 

Honesty + Transparency
There are no secrets in this business.  You have the intuition and discernment to determine what I need to know vs. what is nice for me to know. You are brutally honest in every aspect of your life and work. You have the courage to have 10-minute honest sweaty conversations to get to the root of an issue, move through it, and move on. You are impeccable at building trust with every person you interact with, and you do the right thing for Janne as an artist and CEO, our community, and our business.


Your interactions with everyone in our community are laced with respect. You take and give feedback respectfully and you respect differences of opinion. You actively listen and your intuitive nature leads you to solve problems and accomplish goals - leaving everyone you touch feeling seen, heard, and honored.  

Empathy + Compassion

You see, know, and have compassion for people’s stories. You believe that everyone is always doing their best and that everyone belongs. You are deeply intuitive to Janne’s needs and the needs of our community while upholding boundaries and ensuring that all of your work remains within the integrity of your agreements. 

You take action in spite of your fears and are ways looking 2 steps ahead. You have the courage to dream, set and accomplish big goals for yourself and the business through permanent expansion. You know that it’s courageous to ask for support if you need it. Your courage creates space for the work you are here to support.

Curiosity + Efficiency

If something isn’t working, you get curious about how to fix it - at its core. You bring clarity to the complex and investigate everything before asking questions. You love to sleuth and are resourceful and efficient in your life and in your work. Your deep intuition and curiosity drive you to be two steps ahead, always, as you look under every rock and tap into the resources around you for help when you don’t know the answer.  The company becomes more efficient because of you. 

This business is built on integrity - how we do one thing is how we do everything. 1 minute late is 1 minute late. You say what you mean and mean what you say. You have strong moral principles, and you are impeccable with your time and your word in every interaction you have. 

Radical Accountability
A dropped ball affects our entire community and taints the work we are here to do. Mistakes happen, and when they do, you take full accountability to all parties involved, apologize respectfully, learn from it, problem-solve, move on, and do it differently next time. 

Responsibility + Ownership
You own your shit and slay your stuff. You show up for this work like this is your own business because you care and intrinsically believe in the value my work brings to the world. You treat my money like it’s your money. You see things in your wheelhouse and you just take them, own them and slay them. You don’t need to be checked in on for deadlines and projects or be babysat. You honor agreements and go above and beyond for the roles and responsibilities that you own.

Why Work with Us

  1. Be part of a leading, purpose-driven organization that is having a positive impact on raising global consciousness
  2. Work within an established, high-growth start-up with a vision for continued expansion
  3. Join a highly motivated team that is passionate about personal growth and development, and values self-awareness and authenticity
  4. Work from home and enjoy a flexible workplace that values work-life balance

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