"This world needs Janne. She is a force of nature. Her authenticity, drive and vulnerability are giving people permission everywhere to access their truth and their greatness. She is a new voice of consciousness and a breath of fresh air." - Kyle Cease

If you put a bit of David Whyte, a bit of Charles Bukowski, a bit of Cheryl Strayed, and a bit of Elizabeth Gilbert and a dash of Tony Robbins in leather pants into a blender—you’d have a Janne Robinson. Gay Hendricks, the author of the Big Leap and Conscious Loving calls her, “Mary Oliver on a surfboard”.

Janne is not one thing, she is a renaissance woman. She works with people on bringing the full color, and duality of themselves to the world and creating belonging and work of meaning.

The author of two books, “This is for the women who don’t give a fuck” and “There’s cobwebs on her Vagina” her poetry is written as if she’s on the moon and no one will ever read it. She believes as her friend Rotana says, “Art made from truth is prayer.”

Janne also works with companies and CEO’s doing purpose work, and leadership teams through corporate poetry workshops to create connection and culture in the workplace.

"When Janne has a new poem written, I shut my life down to do nothing but read it, and then when I turn my life back on, everything is better." - James Altucher