"This world needs Janne. She is a force of nature. Her authenticity, drive and vulnerability are giving people permission everywhere to access their truth and their greatness. She is a new voice of consciousness and a breath of fresh air." - Kyle Cease

Janne Robinson is a 21st-century feminist beat poet. Her voice haunts with the legacy of early feminists and poets such as Gloria Steinem, Charles Bukowski, and Jack Kerouac. Her no sugar shit prose cuts with the honesty and simplicity of Bukowski and the romantic reliability of Kerouac. Her poetry leads like a woman, walking with fire in the footprints of Steinem—breathing sexual liberation, choice, and overall championing women to their birthright of not only equality but leadership. 

Robinson notoriously states that her career is to “share slabs of her heart for a living." Her ability to capture the human experience with unrefined sincerity makes her an incredible force in the modern landscape of personal expression. 

Janne Robinson isn’t one thing—she’s a renaissance woman. A counterculture poet, societal visionary, speaker and coach—Robinson’s work focuses on naming it. She believes on the other side of helping people name it—whether that be naming the truth of how they feel in their marriage, who their god is (or isn’t), or their purpose—is the only form of sustainable liberation.

Robinsons work is the antithesis of normative conformity. She believes that a large part of the suffering and disconnection people are facing today is because they are not creating relationships, art or work rooted in the truth of who they are.

She believes the reason we run astray from bringing the full color of ourselves to the world is this—back in the day when we lived in small communities of 100 people, to be ostracized from the group meant death. Conforming to the group by quieting our uniqueness was part of survival. To bring our full color meant death by saber tooth tiger.

Janne supports people to understand that it is not only safe to be all of who they are—but essential. Understanding who we uniquely are and getting in our lane is part of how she believes we restore the planet and eachother.

At present she is working with a group of 60 renaissance women—multifaceted, multidimensional women to embrace their duality and name their unique contribution to amplify their impact and leadership.

"When Janne has a new poem written, I shut my life down to do nothing but read it, and then when I turn my life back on, everything is better." - James Altucher