I am not afraid to tell you that I am beautiful

I am not afraid to tell you
that I am beautiful
for being at home in our my heart
and hearts shoes
did not come to me at birth
I’ve unravelled, searched
done copious amounts of work
I’ve travelled and done
seen and asked
participated in this planet
my growth
I’ve sat with my shadow
soul spelunked
the beauty that we hear of
cannot always be seen
but it can be felt
in the eyes of the ones
that shout sunshine
the ones with no fear in their hearts
that aren’t threatened by
the brilliant existence
the magnificence of the others
that roam beside us
beauty is seeing that woman
saluting her
in her exquisiteness
knowing we see that brilliance
because we, too
are at home in our
whole souls
bodies, too
So if this is vain
I am vain
If this is narcissistic
I am a narcissist
I would rather be
all of these things
then shake
with fear in my heart
whenever a beautiful woman
walks into a room
So I will say it
listen with softer ears
© Janne Robinson