Your Truth is Your Medicine

Imagine if you could stop feeling trapped, unhappy, and reliant on the external world to give you permission to change your life. This is a one-year immersion container built to support you in identifying, integrating, and acting upon your truths. Learn to flex your truth muscle here, create muscle memory, and then rinse and repeat for the rest of your life.

Here’s what’s included 👇

✔️ Access to ‘Your Truth is Your Medicine’ Digital Course

✔️  80+ worksheets.

✔️ 365 daily journal prompt workbook to keep reflecting and running into the truth of who you are.

✔️ Access to Janne’s Meet Yourself in Truth mini-course + 24 worksheets.

✔️ Over 27 pre-recorded workshops from the Teachers of Truth series featuring lessons and classes from Janne's very own mentors including Gay Hendricks, Mark Groves, Suzy Batiz, and more. Have an opportunity to be taught from Janne’s teachers and mentors directly in these workshop recordings and hear how their truth has been their greatest liberation, freedom, and healing for not only themselves but this world.

✔️ BONUS: 12 recorded Q&A calls for each segment of the digital course.

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Meet Yourself in Truth

In creating my ‘Your Truth is Your Medicine’ I realized that before we run face-first into the truth of who we are—we need to sit with how we are running away from ourselves. There is a step 0.5 that was missing for me. That’s why I created ‘Meet Yourself in Truth’ which is the foundational course for “Your Truth is Your Medicine.” ‘Meet Yourself in Truth’ is all about airing out the dirty laundry of the life we’ve created that doesn’t feel like ours.

Here’s what’s included 👇

✔️ 6+ hours of videos and 40+ page workbook. 

✔️Understand the 4 biggest limiting beliefs getting in the way of you living your truth

✔️ How your broken agreements are hurting you and getting in the way of you trusting yourself and making changes in your life

✔️ Vices + Numbing: How you’re running away from the truth of who you are:

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Safe to Say Anything Mastercass

“Safe to Say Anything” a masterclass with Janne Robinson where she shares a toolbox of skills for direct, efficient, drama free communication in all your relationships.

Here’s what’s included 👇

✔️ The 4 step script/checklist to follow to have efficient sweaty uncomfortable conversations. 

✔️ 20-30 minute recorded Q&A with Janne 

✔️ Journal prompts and exercises to do when triggers show up for you. 

✔️ Tools to use to help process alone and get your clarity BEFORE bringing it to relationship 

✔️Understand what anger means. How to be with anger and the importance of non violent communication of your needs  Why we get angry in conversations.

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Write Your Story with Sensitivity Rather than Censorship

In the world I’m building we are honest but we also have grace—grace with ourselves, with our stories, our truth and the people in our lives. I have walked and lived and experienced a lot in the last 10 years of being a non fiction writer who shares slabs of my heart as my job. I’ve written 100’s of articles, 2 books and 6500 social media posts.

This recorded Masterclass contains the gold and jewels of how I move with respect, consideration, sensitivity and kindness while being unabashedly honest. You’ll walk away knowing how to write your story with sensitivity rather than censorship” 

Here's what's included  👇

✔️ one-hour recorded workshop

✔️ An audio version of Janne's meditation from the beginning of the Masterclass.

✔️ 30+ page handbook for you to follow along with and take notes in, with prompts from the Masterclass. 

✔️ Lifetime access to this workshop

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21 days to change your life masterclass

“21 days to change your life” a live masterclass containing a morning routine that has the ability to radically change your life forever with Janne Robinson. Walk away knowing how to optimize your wake and sleep schedule based on ayurvedic principles. In three bite-sized chunks, you’ll learn how to incorporate visualization, yoga class and breathwork over the course of three weeks. 

Here's what's included  👇

✔️21 day system to change your life

✔️Lifetime accessto this workshop

✔️ Recorded 30 minute yoga flow with the founder of Modo yoga Deena Robertson. Use this recording as a resource to do breathwork with for the entire 21 days and beyond. 

✔️  Recorded visualization+meditation with Janne. Use this recording as a resource to do breathwork with for the entire 21 days and beyond.

✔️Live 20 minute breath-work session + cold plunge lead virtually with Wim Hoff instructor and co-founder of Our Breath Collective, Reis Paulso. Use this recording as a resource to do breathwork with for the entire 21 days and beyond. 

✔️ Productivity hacks Janne uses everyday for optimal focus + completion 

✔️ Why 21 days is the secret number for success for trying any mindset or routine hacks

✔️ Step-by-step of Janne’s key grounding morning self care routine that gives her the most productivity

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Attachment Theory: Why You’re Dating the Same Person Over and Over Again

Are you pulling your hair because you wish for a secure loving relationship but keep attracting emotionally unavailable avoidant partners? Join me in this 90-minute recorded workshop where we dive into British psychologist and psychoanalyst John Bowlby's attachment theory on the three attachment types in intimacy. We will identify what your attachment type is, who you’ve been dating, why it’s been dysfunctional as fuck and not working and give you some insight on how to walk forward aware of what flags to notice and avoid and who to give your time and space to.

Attachment theory has summarized why all the relationships I’ve ever had have worked or not worked—get ready to have your brains blown out and be slapped in the face with truth.

Here's what's included  👇

✔️Lifetime access to the live recorded workshop

✔️90-minute recorded workshop

✔️Identify what your attachment type is, who you’ve been dating, why it’s been dysfunctional as fuck and not working

✔️Insight on redflags to look out for and how to set boundaries

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What Love Languages Are and Why You Should Give A Fuck About Them

You want to give a fuck about love languages—whether your relationships are currently thriving or holding on with a frayed broken thread—this is invaluable knowledge to implement in all contexts of your life (not just your romantic relationships) I promise.

In this 90 minute recorded workshop, I spend time identifying the 5 love languages with situational examples to give you a better idea of how you and the people around you love (and why sometimes you cross wires). Take this recorded workshop to become better acquainted with how to navigate and understand how you and the people in your life give and receive love.

Here's what's included  👇

✔️Lifetime access to the live recorded workshop

✔️90-minute recorded workshop

✔️Framework for identifying the 5 love languages with situational examples

✔️Understand how you and the people in your life give and receive love

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How to Heal your Emotional Relationship with Money Workshop

Are you checking your banking every 5 minutes?  Do you horde and cling to your money no matter how much you have from a place of fear that it will go away?  Are you afraid that every partner or spouse is going to clean you out or depend on you?  

All of that 👆has nothing to do with money and everything to do with you.  How you interact with money is yours.  In this workshop, you’ll get a grip on your emotional relationship with money and make choices on how you want to interact with the energy of money moving forward.

Here's what's included  👇

✔️Lifetime access to the live recorded workshop

✔️Understand the origin of your emotional relationship with money and heal it. 

✔️Framework for structuring your prices and offering your services in a way that supports not just your clients, but YOU

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Conversations with Grief Poetry Workshop

Whether you are a writer, or have never written a poem in your life—this workshop is for you. Join Janne for this recorded 90-minute transformation through poetry workshop. When you write you are present to yourself in a way you may not have experienced before.

I want you to experience first hand what it’s like to pen out your soul onto paper—in a poem.

Many of us as adults don’t want to try new things because we are afraid of failing or not being good at something. But what we’ve missed in that is the deep importance of our relationship with creativity and expression. Come join us on this recorded poetry workshop and learn the art of somatic and embodied storytelling through poetry + experience the liberation of writing your own story down.

Here's what's included  👇

✔️90-minute recorded poetry workshop

✔️Introduction from Janne on how poetry has the ability to transform and heal not only ourselves but this world

✔️A spoken poem themed on grief 

✔️Prompts and instruction on how to write a poem

✔️Learn the secrets of somatic and embodied storytelling through poetry + experience the liberation of writing your own story down.

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