Yoga Doesn't Care Muscle Tank

Janne Robinson


I wrote this a disclaimer of what yoga is truly about—in the hopes to create a space that whoever you are, you belong. In yoga—and in this world.

Yoga isn’t about our lifestyle, our beliefs, our weight, our diet, our flexibility, how spiritual or enlightened we are—yoga is just about showing up and doing our dance on our mats.

Yoga doesnt care if you have a man bun.
Yoga doesnt care if you are a Vegan.
Yoga doesnt care what religion you believe in.
Yoga doesnt care what color your skin is or what gender you choose to love.
Yoga doesnt care if you wear mala beads.
Yoga doesnt care if you fart during practice.
Yoga doesnt care if you drink coconut water.
Yoga doesnt care if you smoke cigarettes, and drink whiskey.
Yoga doesnt care how old you are —the color of your hair doesnt affect your practice.
Yoga doesnt care if you shake the entire 60 minutes.
Yoga doesnt care if you only feel comfortable doing yoga in Mexico.
Yoga doesnt care what political party you vote for.
Yoga doesnt care if you are single or divorced.
Yoga doesnt care if you like Rumi.
Yoga doesnt care if you remember to shave your armpits.
Yoga doesnt care if you spend the entire class in child’s pose.


Yoga is just happy you show up.


  • 100% made + printed in the USA Because we give a damn about human rights + integrity.
  • Silky soft sleeveless drape
  • Made from organic Bamboo cotton
  • Breathable
  • Green, and biodegradable
  • Made in America using GOTS certified bamboo & cotton raised without any herbicides or pesticides. Only natural fertilizers are used in our sustainable cloth collection. 



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