The OG Water Bottle

Janne Robinson


Have you met our new girls? 

Not only are our strapping new ladies made in the USA, but they are also are completely recyclable.  

Our friends who forged these at Liberty Bottles have a belief in common with us—they think giving a fuck about this planet is cool too.

Liberty tests all ingredients annually, not only for human safety, but for that of our planet as well. The factory has a zero waste goal, meaning they strive to recycle everything from office paper, down to the metal on the production floor. All excess scrap metal, and even the metal shavings are swept up and recycled.

Look cool, stay hydrated, save the planet--boom, you're welcome.

Water bottles available in white, black, sea foam green and rose because we loved them all and couldn’t choose.


  • American (made and sourced) - 100% recyclable aluminum
  • Deep drawn construction means less dents
  • No exterior welds/seams to weaken construction
  • Exterior is powder coated and heat treated for increased structural integrity
  • Liberty cap features a patented ¼-turn on/off design and is made of recycled and recyclable materials in the USA
  • Wide-mouth threadless design is big enough for ice cubes
  • Fluids pour smoothly from bottle’s tapered neck
  • Bottle’s flat bottom less likely to tip over
  • Flexible food grade coatings insure no chips or bacteria build
  • FDA-approved, BPA- and EA-material free
  • Hand wash recommended
  • 24 oz.
  • Made in USA

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