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  • "Within the first 5 minutes of our 1-1, it was clear there were other, more deep-seated issues demanding our attention. That’s the thing with Janne. You sit down on the floor together face-to-face, holding eye contact, and suddenly it feels totally normal to divulge all that’s out of alignment in your life (to someone you just met). She feels safe. I guess she creates space for you to go soft, for you to be ‘not okay’. She’s compassionate and understanding, while still holding you fiercely accountable for your choices. For me, this is how change started.”
    - Kylie Grills, Frankincense & Myrrh

  • ”There is a rawness to the work with Janne. A "hey, I'm a real person too, let's figure this out, let's do work." Not someone who claims to have everything together and is going to fix my oh-so-simple problems. I feel that the need to fix things is the common notion I have experienced from other coaches. They have these "this is simple" kind of solutions to all things as if they have all the answers and my problems are amateur. At no point did I feel this way with Janne. I felt respected and supported, I had a guide and a sister rather than an enlightened pedestal sitting fortune teller."
    - Codi Mccain

  • "I was a little concerned about the amount of money I’d invested in this. I clearly believed in her work, and was ready to DO the work, otherwise I wouldn’t have booked it. But nevertheless, there was still a niggly worry that maybe I’d spent too much money on myself. Well let me tell you. If instead I had been sent on the retreat, and THEN asked to pay what I thought it was WORTH upon completion… I would have paid a bloody lot more than what was required. In my opinion, the life I get to live now after working with Janne, is worth my life. The thought of continuing on the way I was before is absolutely terrifying… and I wouldn’t have said that before because I didn’t know any different. To anyone else thinking of investing in working with Janne, I hope you deem yourself worth it."
    - Kylie Grills, Frankincense & Myrrh