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Writing Blog

This Is How I Love

Roderick Campbell

by Janne Robinson

Slow down
He says

I yell as I zoom
Full throttle
“Not listening” my heart says
For this is how I love

Jumping into the air
Flashing the universe my wide open heart
Waiting to be caught
I fall
Trusting you are here
Where I am
Why wouldn’t you be?
We are a we.

Our love has blocked out the world
Couple of dazed lovers
Trying to keep the day, the hour, the minute straight.
Surviving off a diet of kisses

Spinning fast beneath my feet
I come closer
I see roads winding,
cars moving like ants below
We pressed pause—you see
It was all here
I shout
Now I feel the earth below my feet.

Running through a field of Daisys at dusk
The wheat seeds fly off and hit my legs
There are blue dragon flys dancing
Chasing my fingertips with glee
The sun is gentle and warm upon my cheeks
Who needs shoes when you are falling in love?
Not me.
My dress flows behind me
Like a dream
I laugh and shake with joy

I open my arms wide and welcome the unknown
My heart beats stronger with the risk
Comfortability—I let you go
Insecurity- I let you go
Fear—I let you go

What if?
My heart whispers quietly
Seeing the edge she chases me,
Grabbing at my skirt to stop
Get binoculars and look ahead.
No what ifs
I reply.

if your fingers don’t desire mine
And I turn around when all I hear is silence
And see one pair of footprints,
Instead of two

I will play with the wheat grass
put sunflowers in my hair
And celebrate this wild, wild world.

I am not slighted, you see?
You can walk slowly,
you can walk with another
I am a woman of worth.

And when I fall down,
If you do not catch me
My heart will
She is always there

She lifts my chin
Stares into my weary soul
And tells me, “I’m proud of you for loving. There will always be others, but no other you.”