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Writing Blog 4

Did He Make You Coffee In The Morning

Roderick Campbell

by Janne Robinson

they come home 
rumpled and frayed
hair full of fingers from the night before 
back of the neck and hair dried with sweat
hours of sex all over their souls
we look up 
and all know 
I cock an eyebrow 
"Did he make you coffee in the morning?"
the good ones own a silver espresso maker 
they don't cheap out
buy the ground beans
you can tell in the colour
If it's watery 
a big brand name jug of cheap shit
or whole beans reeking bitterly 
the really good ones don't need to ask 
they just open one eye
kiss the nape of your neck and say 
"I'll make the coffee"
they know you take two creams 
one sugar 
and they walk you home after the coffee
proud to hold your hand and let the world know they loved you all night