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Writing Blog 3

Give Yourself A Freaking Break

Roderick Campbell

by Janne Robinson


Today's surf sucked.

I got ripped around in a washing machine for an hour and a half.

I paddled and paddled and got sucked left, hard and the only waves breaking closed.

I got hit on my head with my board, tore my legs and feet up on some rocks.

I got rolled and held under water, drank sea water, couldn’t breathe.

I was so excited to have a date with my board, and came out grumbling.

This is the thing with learning something new–some days, are going to blow.

Some days at a new job will be awful.

Some days doing yoga you’ll want to grind your teeth and yell because you can’t balance worth a damn.

Some days when you’re falling in love, you’ll fight, and you’ll think it was easier alone.

Some days traveling you will get ripped off and miss a bus because you could’t understand DIRECTIONS  and want to fly home.

Learning new things is hard.

We don’t know enough about the work, the waves, the postures and our bodies, our lovers to differentiate between us just sucking at the situation or the outside forces you have no control over.

Sometimes our bosses are having a bad day, clients are cranky and absolutely everything breaks.

Somedays we are hormonal and don’t know it.

Somedays our partners are off.

Some days we’re dehydrated, distracted and tired and can’t balance as well in yoga.

Somedays the conditions to surf are IMPOSSIBLE  at best.

We can’t control it worth a damn–so let go.

I remember riding a bike without training wheels for the first time, and opening my learners manual and thinking parallel parking seemed as easy as flying to the moon.

Now I parallel park with my eyes closed.

Often we are learning something, we forget to be gentle and patient with ourselves—so whatever it is give yourself a freaking break.

You don’t suck, try again tomorrow–mamma earths got better days in her pocket waiting for you.