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Writing Blog 3

I Practice Attachment

Roderick Campbell

by Janne Robinson

I practice attachment.

I practice living with my heart wide open and feeling the surplus of joy and sadness that it comes with each day, rawly.

I fall in love with someone’s heart at least once a day.

I take the whole word inside and feel as much as I possibly can and some days it’s rewarding and I feel an abundance of love and somedays it wrenches and I wish I felt less.

There is no off switch.

There is no “feel less” switch.

I leave Costa Rica in two days and my heart is revelling in the beautiful souls I met, the connections that grab my heart like wildfire. But there is also a sadness creeping in.

Today my day started with espresso, three new beautiful souls, classical music, eating juicy star fruit picked from a friends land until my belly hurt, eating dust with my arms open wide on the back of a quad and I’m going to surf ’til the sun goes down.

I choose attachment.

I choose feeling.

I choose open heart.

I won’t have it any other way.