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Writing Blog 3


Roderick Campbell

by Janne Robinson

A haze of tired faces
10 hours spent in traffic jams
Jesus, give us a break
the ‘stache of a 70s pornstar
shirt unbuttoned
gold rimmed glasses
bronzed chest
a triangle on his left arm
the eight pack only 20-something-year-olds have
god damn I’m not done loving hot 20-something-year-olds
with butts of steel from surfing
I’ll grow old and date old men eventually
there he is
in between the sea of blues and reds
Waldo at the end of a 24 flight
cold airplanes and hot buses
we drink a bottle of $6 rum
what else is there to do
take kisses that would taste like salt
if we could touch it with our feet
I like your poems
he says
good, you’ll likely be in one
quit your job tomorrow
pack up and leave
come be with me
there’s hope in my heart
there’s always hope when there’s a man I could love
there’s also a bag of 100 pills in his flowered shirt pocket
it’s fear and loathing in Costa Rica
and I’m cashing out