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Writing Blog 3

I Have My Own Approval

Roderick Campbell

by Janne Robinson

I spent a good twenty-something years of my life being a chronic people pleaser.

I swallowed hungrily the flattery/affection of men.

I sought recognition and approval to feel full from others.

I bought clothes instead of working at loving myself.

I am, finally, almost at a point where I am at home in my soul.

I accept me.

One of the ways I know I am almost all the way in my soul’s shoes is that when people come yelling at me—which, well, when I publish crass, sassy, feminist type articles like I do, happens more often than not—I can now look at people calmly with my shoes on, grounded, and not run for cover from their words.

I do not absorb some random yelling imbeciles words and question myself and my truths.

I do not need to shove my head in the ground.

I can observe their words, from my stable soul and chew on their thoughts, opinions, triggering, reflections—without throwing my security under a bus or rushing to kiss ass and change their mind.

I no longer strive for praise or affection and use it to measure my self worth.

I don’t need anyone to like me—I like me.

I am worthy standing alone, as I am.

I have my own approval.