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Writing Blog 2

Let's Take Care Of The World

Roderick Campbell

by Janne Robinson

A friend called me today to tell me about a moment of pay it forward he took part in. He wanted to share it with me because he felt I would appreciate it, more than some–and that maybe I could write about it.

He told me he had been at the Tim Hortons in downtown Edmonton and had seen a homeless man going through the garbage can and asking for change.

He pulled beside him waiting for drive through and asked the man if he would like a coffee.

The man said yes and they talked briefly.

I listened to what he had to say and my initial response was to shrug my shoulders and say, “so?”

My reaction wasn’t from a place that wanted to belittle his generosity or kindness–I applaud him for that.

He had bought a coffee and talked with a homeless man in Edmonton.

My reaction came from the place inside where I truly believe it shouldn’t be rare to see another being in need and extend compassion.

I want the entire fucking world to, when they walk by a man hungry scrounging through a garbage to stop and say, “what do you need? Can I help you?”

I want the entire world to collectively give a shit about each other.

For our acts of kindness and pay it forward to not be something we do sometimes–I want it to be how we exist.

With the whole damn world in our heart.

I think the worlds poverty, sickness, disease is all of our poverty, sickness and disease.

In my heart there isn’t countries, we aren’t separated by last names.

The whole world is my family–every single living and furry being is my family.

Let’s not celebrate the random times we acknowledge a human being on the streets–let’s have it be normal, like breathing.

In my idealist heart that’s how I live.

So if you buy a homeless man a coffee–thank you.

But it doesn’t make me bat a lash, clap or cheer because I breathe compassion at the world.

I don’t think we should congratulate one another for caring about each other–I think that’s a given that we are here on this planet to do.

Take care of the world and it takes care of you back–it’s simple.

Plus, those who give know the trick with giving–it fills you just as much.

It’s not selfless, it’s just common sense.

Let’s do more.

Let’s do better.