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Writing Blog 1

We Don't Have Time For Small Talk

Roderick Campbell

by Janne Robinson

Let’s not sit here

And you tell me the makings of the weather
Who the fuck really cares if it’s meant to rain next week?

How your family is
What you’re doing this weekend

Let’s not sit here and talk about people we know
If they’re living right
Let’s not worry about their plans
For that is their own plans
Not yours or mine

And we know nothing about anything other than our own
And if you want to put your foot up upon the chair
My leg
Do so

I don’t care if your boots are dirty
We’ll be here a while
If you want to cry
I will you to

If you want to talk about death, fear, anxiety, stress, pain
That relationship you’ve talked to me about in circles
That most people are tired of listening to
I’m not tired
Hit me with it all–darling

Your rawness is why I love you
If you want to sit across from me and make small talk
Because it’s comfortable

I’ll leave

We don’t have time to talk about crap
I want to inhale authenticity
and exhale truth

I’ll love you all the more if you sit down
Toss your coat off
And say, “fuck I need a coffee”

I am strong enough to hear it all
So leave the walls, leave the falsity as you walk out your door to me

And just show up
I am strong enough to take you—

As is.