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Writing Blog 1

Fuck Everything That Doesn't Make You Happy

Roderick Campbell

by Janne Robinson

I sometimes wonder what life would be like—if we just did exactly what we wanted.

If we allowed ourselves to be completely and utterly selfish, in the best way possible.

If we made every choice, from how we drink our coffee, to where we work, live, who we pass time with—all of this, from our core.

There would be no mediocre friendships, there would be no living in places that do not make us come alive. We wouldn’t work jobs that find mundane and soul sucking—no, none of that.

This is why I prefer to travel solo, why I dance better on my own, and prefer to be single for an eternity unless I find my “fuck yes” in a lover.

I find filling space with comfortable, with routine, with ordinary as endearing as nails on a chalk board, cutlery being banged together.

I am currently living in Costa Rica working at a butterfly garden for three months, writing and working on two books.

People have said to me in a huff plus a puff,  “Not everyone can.”

This is the thing—everyone can.

We always have a choice how we live our lives.

We have a choice to by white bread that is as good for us as aspartame, over whole wheat and organic.

We have a choice what kind of toothpaste we buy.

We have a choice where we live in this world, and who we live with.

We have a choice to bike, walk or drive too work.

We have a choice to work for others or for ourselves.

We have a choice to get married, and have kids or to not.

We have a choice to go to university and incur 30,000 in school debt.

We have a choice if we want to eat meat, or be vegetarian.

We have a choice if we want to do yoga, or go to the gym for self care.

We have a choice to break up with friends who we no longer connect with.

We have a choice to tell the stranger who is invading our space that we don’t want to talk to them.

We always have a choice—I choose Costa Rica.

My mantra today, and everyday is fuck everything that doesn’t make you happy.

Don't like that coffee? Throw it out the damn window.

Don't like your job? Quit doing things you hate, get busy doing shit you love.

Don't like the company you keep? Find people who don't bore you, who laugh wickedly—take your hand and will harass you everyday to do the things that make you tick.

Don't have any hobbies? Stop watching TV.

Stop doing shit that requires you to turn your brain off—it's a pathetic hobby.

Want to have more say in your relationship, your business, your job? Open your god damn mouth and start speaking like you mean it.

Don't like those pants? Yeah, fuck those pants.

We are here to exist brilliantly—keep taking expansion by the she-balls (and he-balls).

Do what you love and fuck everything else, because that's what happiness is.