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Why do I need a mentor?

Working with me is your piece of paper in awareness, accountability, boundaries, confidence, and self love.

The work we do together will give you a toolbox of skills and knowledge that will last you a life time.

As a life mentor, I am brought into your ring as a loving, supportive space to cheer you on to let go of the beliefs you have unconsciously chosen that enable you to shrink. I am the encouraging and deafening voice challenging every limiting ceiling you have built on your success. I am there to whisper in your ear, “Of course you’re worth it. Do it. You are not here to play small.”

We will dream big, and find ceilings you didn’t even know existed that are holding you back.

We will sit down and have tea with your suffering--feel it, make peace with it, let it go and take away it’s power.

My clients are dedicated to permanent expansion in all contexts of their lives—both business and personal.

Growth only has one context--you.

How we do one thing is how we do all things and learning to exercise the muscle of self love is not limited to one area of your life.

Through our work together your business, your friendships, your marriage, your relationship with your parents, your children, strangers and this world will all be affected.

Once you start flexing your beliefs and tools rooted in worthiness, abundance and your power—things fall and shift organically in every drawer of your life.

I am here to help you take up space.

I support clients in making the steps they know (deep down) they are already ready to take.

Mentoring is an investment in self.

We take the time to maintain our cars, renovate our houses, but when was the last time you created space to up tune your soul?

If you are willing to invest and commit to your growth with me, fill out the application below.

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